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A good dental cleaning

Dental cleaning procedure.

We go to the dental cleaning because they remind us of the appointment, but we don't know what it is or what it is for.
Probably the teeth are yellow. We see the cravings bleed when brushing or biting food. We try to touch longer or harder, but it does not improve, and the gum continues to be swollen and stained. If we could see the teeth
with much increase, we would realize that the damage is more severe than we perceive. Symptomatology is a bad taste in the mouth in the mornings upon awakening because the number of
bacterial colonies in the mouth is very high above regular
many times, we forget to brush our teeth.
Performing a dental cleaning removes all stains is removed the tartar that has adhered to the surface
of the tooth, the ultrasonic cleaning system is the most efficient and quickest technique to perform this work. Its three-dimensional vibration is what causes it to detach any
stain, bacterial plaque, and tartar, it is worked methodically by zones
starting with an insert covering large areas of the tooth to remove large amounts of tartar and stains
both on the teeth and on the molars, by removing all this, we remove large quantities of food residues that are mineralized and which also contain large numbers of bacterial colonies; these bacteria are the ones that cause inflammation and pus sand and cause a bad taste in the mouth and
probably bad breath.
A good dental cleaning

Once removed, the large volumes of plaque and tartar bacterial stains attack very narrow areas between the teeth between the molars to remove the tartar. This development can not usually be observed is hidden between the teeth; it is essential to remove everything from the different areas of the tooth or molars so that the inflammation does not reoccur, the lousy taste of the south or the
bad breath, in some occasions, the tartar has already occupied the space of the gum between the teeth or teeth with removing the tartar remain spaces without gums all this hollow was full of bacteria and food residues hardened by the mineralization process of the saliva.
In the area of the molars, the tartar is usually hidden between them under the gum. Only the dentist can remove this accumulation of tartar; the tartar
can only be detected by taking an x-ray. This is why it is vital to attend the dentist twice a year for dental cleaning, the accumulation of tartar between the grinding wheels.
The next step now is to brush the teeth and molars to finish removing the stains of bacterial plaque so that they are clarifying the teeth in such a way that sometimes
dental cleaning seems to be a whitening treatment because of the significant change of color; it is also essential to brush the teeth.
Teeth so that the tooth surface is polished a little with prophylactic paste. This paste is
different from toothpaste, contains substances and abrasives that polish.
The third and last step is polishing with micro-abrasive air to remove the previous stains where it is impossible to remove them with instruments or brushes for spaces at the same time the tooth's surface is polished and polished.
A little more, leaving a smooth and polished surface helps avoid staining and adhering the tartar to the teeth so quickly.
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