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How to cure bad breath permanently

The halitosis.

Bad Breath Halitosis

Approximately one-third of the population has halitosis, a problem that can be a warning sign of other health disorders and about which many myths and misconceptions remain.

Bad breath treatment

Halitosis or bad breath is a problem so frequent that it affects one in two people. If you suspect or know you have bad breath, there are home remedies we can take to lessen this bad breath. Is there some definitive treatment to get rid of this bad breath? I have to go to the doctor and do some extra checking because, with the usual measures, I do not remove them.
Bad breath? All these doubts are going to be solved today. 
Halitosis or bad breath is a fundamentally social disorder; nobody you are going to die from having halitosis. There are two fundamental types of halitosis 90% of the cases, it is provoked fundamentally by lousy hygiene, do not maintain the proper cleaning of the mouth, or that have tooth decay problems; smokers tend to have older breath problems but remember that there is a 10% that is not caused by problems in the mouth but are due to nasal problems fundamentally sinusitis and some digestive problems as it can be reflux or some breathing problems.
About 90% of the cases of halitosis have their origin in some problem of the oral cavity, and approximately 60% of them are associated with some type of periodontal pathology.
Halitosis is mainly produced by the action of bacteria that we have in our mouth in the morning breath is usually much more unpleasant than throughout the day this is caused because at night, by salivating less, the number of bacteria we have in our mouth increases, and this quantity of products are degraded and increase their concentration. Therefore, the morning breath is more unpleasant; the usual thing is that as soon as we drink a little or rinse our mouths or have breakfast, this lousy breath disappears. So if you have bad breath or suspect that you may have bad breath, what can you do in the first place? First, maintain proper hygiene with this procedure; you have just eliminated 90% of the causes of the disease. Adequate cleaning of the teeth and correctly cleaning the dorsum of the language to visit the dentist frequently are things that will avoid that lousy breath. If despite this, you don't get rid of your bad breath, your dentist will be able to prescribe some products to diminish the several bacteria you have in your mouth. The most typical is chlorhexidine or zinc lactate. If you continue to have bad breath despite all of this, you should visit one of the specialists we have commented on to see if you have any other illness causing this. Lousy breath, primarily your primary care physician and the physicians of the digestive service.

Remember that this explanation at no time replaces the advice of
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