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Tooth Cleaning Recommendations

Avoid cavities with a good toothbrush

Tooth Cleaning Recommendations

Brushing teeth

The hygiene in the mouth in it inhabits a large number of bacteria in a way
food is also a perfect vehicle for the entry of new products.
many others when chewing and drinking, part of the intake is trapped between
the teeth the tongue and gums the accumulated remains are ingested by
the bacteria that evacuate them after assimilation, these acids are acid wastes
gradually dissolve the tooth and produce what is known as tooth decay.
If you don't take care of hygiene, the bacteria will multiply the more they grow.
more acid colonies will be produced and the faster the tooth will dissolve when the
caries is found only in the enamel the treatment is simple but if the
bacteria overcome the thin layer of enamel and penetrate deeper into the skin.
much softer tissues than the enamel will be destroyed by the
acids at higher velocity like the tooth that has hardly any way to protect itself, the
untreated cavities will end up reaching a critical part called the pulp and it will be
will produce a true infection at those times the pain becomes very
intense being a desperate alarm of his body in the face of the bacterial threat, 
the tooth is about to be lost and the treatment will be drastic and will require
unfortunately, the removal of the pulp what will leave the tooth lifeless will be
the more fragile it will reduce its longevity and possibly lead to the need for a
a crown that would have required a simple appointment in your dental office to remove tooth decay. will turn if you do not go to the dentist or take care of your hygiene into serious pain, plus many more visits and more costs in short, in addition to caries the lack of
hygiene will produce bad taste in your mouth and bad breath especially when you wake up and
after ingesting certain foods and beverages so that you are not surprised if you perceive a
certain social rejection, if this were not enough the accumulation of germs and
substances in the tooth will harden over time and form tartar. Remember to visit your dentist
If gingivitis does not stop, periodontitis will occur, causing the loss of tissue around the teeth. 

 Carry out correct hygiene.

There are several procedures that you must combine, let's see the manual brushing technique.
First, make sure that the brush is in good condition and clean.
also, replace it every three months or even sooner if necessary
the brushing should be thorough without pressure and should be prolonged by about two
approximately minutes using a small amount of fluoride toothpaste
To avoid excess foam during brushing we suggest the following
technique: divide the teeth into two groups to avoid forgetting the teeth.
the upper and lower and always follow the same sequence
first, brush the outer sides of the upper teeth
To do this, place the brush perpendicular to the tooth slightly.
inclined towards the gingiva and make a smooth turning movement several times
on the surface to advance to the next tooth, I separated the brush and
advance in the initial position repeat the brushing movement always brush from the
the gum to the tooth and not the other way around to prevent damage to the gum
when you have finished brushing the outer sides continue with the inner sides
using the same technology behind the inner faces.
Once the upper teeth have been brushed, continue with the lower teeth.
as before place the brush perpendicular to the tooth slightly
inclined towards the gingiva and make a smooth turning movement several times
on the surface, after the outer faces continue
with the inner faces always in the same order.
Finally, the brushing of the tongue as it retains large amounts of debris.
To do this, stick out your tongue and place the brush as far back as you can but
not too much to avoid nausea then make a sweep towards
Go ahead and repeat this step several times finally to maintain hygiene.
between the teeth also use dental floss.
Ask your dentist which toothbrush is right for you because
there are different types whose composition varies according to the needs
the patient's hygiene is the main method to have a good oral and oral health.
your dentist the best guardian of your mouth.

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