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The most beneficial foods to strengthen tooth enamel.

 Blueberries, cheese, and salmon are among the most beneficial foods.

The most beneficial foods to strengthen tooth enamel

Maintaining correct daily hygiene habits is essential to strengthening oral health. Brushing your teeth at least three times a day and using dental floss and mouthwash are fundamental, as are your eating habits. In this sense, the foods you eat have a direct effect on both your body and your oral health.

Processed products and soft drinks are composed of large amounts of sugar, which favors the proliferation of bacteria and the appearance of caries. As a result, this can lead to fractures, infections, and other pathologies. For example, according to a study on Oral Health in 2022, 9.43% of people who go to the dentist do so because of a broken tooth.

"Crunchy and sticky foods such as hard candy or ice, as well as carbonated beverages, should be avoided because they weaken the enamel. However, other foods balance acids, provide minerals, and are a source of vitamins that can be beneficial to increase saliva production and strengthen the enamel, but never replace brushing". 

In this sense, avoiding this food with excessive sugar will also benefit the rest of the body and strengthen the immune system.

The foods that can most favor dental enamel:

- Blueberries: contain properties that, in addition to being anti-inflammatory and slowing dental aging, block the binding of bacteria to prevent plaque formation.

- Apple: it is a food rich in fiber and water that stimulates saliva production.

- Cheese: provides calcium and, depending on the type of cheese and dairy, may contain good casein, which can stabilize and repair tooth enamel.

- Salmon: its high omega-3 and vitamin D content greatly simplify the body's calcium absorption.

- Green leafy vegetables: chard, spinach, envy... all of them are full of fiber, so chewing them generates saliva that helps prevent the appearance of cavities.