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Dental hypersensitivity

Dental hypersensitivity, a problem that affects many people.

Dental hypersensitivity
Hypersensitivity is a widespread condition among the population that intensifies in the winter months due to low temperatures and colds.
When we subject our teeth to abrupt changes in temperature, whether cold or hot, and we experience acute pain, it is most likely because our dentine lacks the enamel needed to protect the tooth.  But teeth are not the only part of the mouth that is affected by low temperatures.  The cold of the street, the wind and the contrast caused by the heat of the heating also cause cracks in the mouth with wounds that can lead to bleeding. 

According to experts, both the hypersensitivity of the teeth to temperature contrasts and lip cracks caused by dryness and cold are the most common discomfort in winter, but also the easiest to avoid with good oral hygiene
Brushing at least three times a day using the correct toothbrush and floss will protect the health of our teeth. Proper brushing must be delicate, sometimes lack of time and the internalized idea of the stronger the cleaner translates into aggressive brushing for both gums and teeth.
In addition, there are many factors that promote accelerated wear of the enamel and with it, the appearance of episodes of hypersensitivity. The consumption of acids, clenching or grinding the teeth and exposing the mouth to abrupt temperature contrasts are associated with these episodes of sensitivity. Likewise, to care for the enamel, it is advisable to use a quality toothpaste and complement it with a mouthwash rich in fluoride.
However, regular visits to the dentist remain the best option for combating hypersensitivity. Carrying out preventive check-ups immediately in the event of any type of discomfort is the easiest way to protect our teeth in the winter season.

As for the effects of low temperatures on the lips, experts recommend the regular use of cocoa or a moisturizing balm to protect them, as well as exfoliate them at least once a week to remove dead skin and get the moisturizing products to penetrate deep.

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