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Cleaning the tongue is important

Avoid bad breath and health problems.

Cleaning the tongue is important

Avoid bad breath

Years ago the importance of brushing your teeth was unknown and no one did. Today, things have changed and it's strange not to brush after every meal. The tongue is different, because the need to clean it often continues to be forgotten, despite being fundamental to maintain proper oral hygiene and health. Without it, we would not be able to carry out such essential actions as talking, chewing, swallowing or savoring the food. It has an enormous diversity of muscles, which allows us to have great mobility. In addition, it allows tactile detection of many surfaces and has important blood vessels and nerves, at the base of the tongue, called the lingual floor, are the salivary glands. In addition, it is lined with thousands of papillae, the filiform give that velvety appearance and the taste, which are divided into many types, are those that give us a sense of taste. An irregular surface, the surface of the tongue has both reliefs and cracks, it is very uneven. These nooks and crannies cause the accumulation of remains of food and bacteria that can generate caries or periodontal diseases. For this reason, it is very important to clean the tongue properly. In doing so we will notice more flavors and we are going to benefit in all the health of the mouth, also reducing the chances of having bad breath. The tongue, which must have an aterciolepado and pink aspect, can be a reflection of the patient's state of health. It should not be whitish, nor should it be smooth, since it would be an inflamed tongue. In addition, if it has a yellowish or brown aspect it is usually due to a lack of cleanliness but it can also be a reflection of some pathology or problem. Therefore, from Dental Office is advised to consult the dentist in case of maintaining good hygiene and find changes in the appearance of our tongue.  Recommendations Clean it every day, at least twice. The ideal utensil is the tongue scraper, although we can also use a toothbrush (in the case of the latter should not be the one we use to brush our teeth). Pull out the tongue as far as we can, support the appliance on the back of the tongue and press it lightly, sliding it from the back to the tip of the tongue. Use toothpaste, water or a mouthwash. We recommend that you consult your local dentist about which toothpaste to use.

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