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Dental prosthesis and fear of certain foods

Dental prostheses and food

Dental prosthesis and fear of certain foods

Dental prostheses

According to a study conducted a high percentage of people who use dental prostheses avoid certain foods, due to a lack of security and even fear that the prosthesis may fail, affecting even the social life of those who wear the prosthesis.

From Dental Office we have some tips to transform mealtime into a real pleasure:

  • Little by little. Every change requires a process of adaptation. For this reason, it is important that once the patient begins to use dental prostheses, he or she should gradually ingest food instead of suddenly returning to the diet he or she had before using the prostheses so that the mouth becomes accustomed to the challenges that each food now poses.

  •  The importance of using a denture fixator. Another of the data from the study reveals that 80% of the population that uses prostheses say that food enters between the prosthesis and the gum, one of the main causes of irritation. Only 22% say they use a fixator, which can be a problem when it comes to keeping the prosthesis sealed. For this reason, they add that "it is important to use a suitable fixator".

  •  Daily cleaning routine, an indispensable step to maintain a healthy mouth. Like natural dentures, dentures also accumulate stains, plaque, and tartar. "For the mouth to look its best, it is essential to maintain a good daily routine of cleaning the dental prosthesis.
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