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Process for a dental implant

What you didn't know about dental implants.

Process for a dental implant

Dental implants

Dental implants are a good alternative for the repositioning of
missing or absent teeth as well as to support rehabilitation
fixed or removable in general, we can speak of them as artificial roots
the majority of dental implants are made of pure titanium.
Titanium is a biocompatible material physically and chemically bonded to the bone in a
a process called osseointegration that makes it an ideal material for
its use in medicine, for example, in traumatology; before placing an implant, we must
know the shape and dimensions of the bone in which the implant will be housed
it is iessentialto have sufficient height and width
we nusuallyhave to perform a radiological test similar to a tag that
gives us accurate information about the available bone allowing us to choose
the exact size of the implant we need.
If there is not enough bone to accommodate the implant, a regeneration surgery
bone could solve some cases once the right implant has been chosen
we proceed to its placement is done in the clinic under local anesthesia in a way
similar to other dental treatments, finished the process, we place a plug
on the implant, this plug is maintained during the healing time of the implant.
this integration can vary from 3 to 6 months depending on the case and the
location of the implant during this period, the bone grows intimately
around the implant, providing good stability capable of supporting
the loads generated during chewing at the end of this integration time
we move to the prosthetic phase, which is performed in several appointments are taken
impressions for the confection of the mold that allows us to realize the prosthesis to
and in addition, several tests and adjustments are made before placement.
iInsituations where several teeth have been lost.
Rehabilitation can be done with implant-supported bridges.
the process is the same as in the previous case, except that the bridge also replaces the
With only two implants,
we can replace three teeth with intermediate teeth in this way when the aesthetic requirement is very high.
Important, and as long as the conditions of the bone allow, it can be placed.
tTemporaryteeth immediately after insertion of the implants
have only an aesthetic function, so they can neither be used nor used in any other way.
should be used for chewing as an excessive load during the chewing process will facilitate
the integration of the implant and could alter this process
once the integration time has passed and the prosthesis is placed.
Definitive inpatient you give the implants
can be of great help on many occasions with only two.
gGoodretention of the prosthesis can be achieved with implants
the withholding elements used can be of various types depending on
of the requirements of each case and offering greater or lesser retention in the
the function of its design.
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