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Fear of the dentist

Tips to overcome the fear of the dentist.

Fear of the dentist

Dental offices have always awakened fear in many patients. The dentist will help us through pharmacological means such as can be relaxing treatments to overcome those fears; we also recommend on the day before if we run into some insecurity not eating food exciting to sleep well to go in an hour to the dentist so that it does not generate more significant stress and above all to be quiet and ask and solve 
any questions we may have, conscious sedation has emerged as a support help in the treatments in which it generates stress or anxiety to the patient is a treatment that is carried out with a 
equipment of anesthetists in which before an examination of the patient is performing a previous medical history in which they measure how the treatment that is going to be performed see what the patient's medical history is and it is already established what the guidelines to follow in sedation in which the patient does not lose consciousness at any time are this is a patient collaborator helps during the treatment in which 
also find themselves in a state of maximum relaxation; in turn, being a sedated patient also supports and enhances the analgesic effect of anesthesia that the patient-dentist introduces in the mouth; therefore, the patient is much more relaxed much calmer, and the perception that has the patient of the surgery is that it has been a very gentle very light treatment of concise duration. There is a pathology widely 
described and known as the fear of the dentist odontophobia, which consists of a 
irrational and persistent fear unjustified in the face of an unknown situation, we must separate or discern 
between fear and phobia or anxiety can be described as the step before the aversion is to say conditions that create us restlessness before the unknown many of those fears of visits to the dentist are usually generated 
by previous childhood cases where you don't know what has happened or treatments that create a certain amount of information insecurity. A series of tips for overcoming or 
reduce this fear of the dentist can be the following: convert visits to the dentist into a habit in those situations in which we feel sure that fear disappears, neither delay the inevitable is to say problems in which we must go to the dentist we must do so as soon as possible to prevent the treatment from being much bigger much longer in time and generate more insecurity is very important in turn to find or deal with a dentist who will develop trust is to say a dentist who empathizes with our situations that we find ourselves in a 
We must also ask how we can be confident how the dentist can help us overcome those fears that have arisen in recent years. Helpful treatments such as conscious sedation are 
is a treatment that helps or complements those situations in which the patient feels insecure or somewhat afraid.

Five recommendations for overcoming fear of the dentist

  • Do not arrive early. It is recommended that the patient comes at the exact time of the appointment so as not to have to wait, as this could increase their anxiety.

  •  Make sure the contact is smooth. To gain confidence, the idea is that the first appointment is for a simple treatment (cleaning, diagnosis, X-ray) and leave the more complex treatments for later.

  • Agree on a signal to stop. Before starting the treatment, it is advisable that the patient discuss his/her anxiety problem with the dentist and establish a password (raise a hand, for example) to stop the treatment in case he/she needs it.

  • Listen to relaxing music. The patient can bring his/her headphones to listen to the music he/she wants and thus relax during the treatment.

  • Possibility of sedation. In extreme cases, the possibility of using sedation methods, either pharmacological or through nitrous oxide inhalation, could be considered.
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