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Dental clinical advice

Basic elements that a dental clinic must comply with.

Dental clinical advice

A basic element in any dental clinic is the dental chair.

It must be ergometric for both the professional and the patient, easy to use and easy to use.
to disinfect. Maintaining the dental chair consists of different parts such as
are the headrest, backrest, seat, footrest, the main arm where
we will place the instruments and the work tray, in addition, we have a hydric group with the
spittoon, glass and suction group
with a surgical aspiration, we also have our lamp and our
pedal and control panel to program and control the unit
and our rotary instruments in the furniture can be either fixed or fixed.
mobile the fixed furniture can be at the level of drawers or wardrobes the
mobile furniture consists of a trolley usually with drawers both should
be easy to clean and maintain with our disinfectant solution
it is important to design well the layout of our furniture, the sink tap
disposable items and cupboards with doors or drawers on their surface
it should be easy to clean and maintain mobile furniture as its name
indica consists of wheels that allow us to move the drawer up to the
most ideal working field situation usually consists of drawers as only
are easy to slide and maintain the solution.
disinfectant at the choice of our dental stool
we have to take into account that we can regulate our back and seat both
in position as well as in inclination we must also take into consideration
that has a footrest with wheels the dentist to distribute his space well
we have to position ourselves correctly as we spend many hours working
we will get the 0 positions or equilibrium position our exchange of
will be performed through the lower area of the chin we will divide
our operating field as if it were a clock i.e. 12 o'clock would be the calotte
the patient's 3 left ears the 6 chin and the 9 his right ear.
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