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Tips for dental emergencies

Steps to follow in a dental emergency.

Tips for dental emergencies

Different cases of dental emergencies.

People, when they come to a dental practice, have several questions, and one of them is
What do I do when I have a dental emergency? How can I handle it? Well, a dental emergency can present to any person. What is important is that we know what dental emergencies are.
Guidelines for that dental emergency to be remedied quickly, and we do not have to expect significant consequences. I do not know
if you've ever wondered what happens to football players with boxers, those who receive
strong blows to the face, or that, unfortunately, a child riding his bike fell this accident well
it can present something that is called evolution of the such a dental avulsion is that the tooth comes out totally that to see it is to say of the bed what it receives then when a tooth is lost by a blow the critical thing is to know first if the tooth can be seen.
Recover what we do, and the tooth is not recovered, we have to run to the dentist and think about a prosthesis, but if you have the possibility of finding the tooth, wash it with water without scrubbing the
the root that is very important because very, very important cells are lost the fundamental basis for the growth you do not can be stored in a totally humid environment remember this important if evolution occurs keep the tooth
hydrated cells will ask why hydrated cells are those that are generating the vital function of the body.
tooth always lives in an aqueous medium, so if you don't have to put it in that transport it, an effortless way is to place it between the cheek and the gum, and the saliva will make the
The hydration function to take care of that day runs immediately to your trusted dentist, and with some
We will be able to handle the techniques we use for re-implantation.
Now what can happen if the tooth was not lost was not struck that it has already come out that alveolus but that, on the contrary, it was put in the mouth, but it moves those blows so strong that they make your tooth move
back and forth is called a dental dislocation. This mental dislocation must also be carefully treated
because in it, it can present a future loss of sensitivity of the
tooth, this tooth sensitivity is basically given by the extra low nerve that breaks and can come to not only not allow dental sensitivity but is colored or tinted
your tooth dark color style what to do in those cases if your tooth didn't come out ultimately hold it firmly and wear it
to the ideal position you should be in, you should take a painkiller because we understand that it is pretty strong.
pain approach any anthologist he will make a federalization fertilization
basically consists of placing a wire and that to hunger goes
totally on the teeth glued with a few small dots of resin; this is going to be for a while somewhat uncomfortable, yes
but the truth is the only thing we have to do to succeed in maintaining the position of the good day that passes questions many times if the blow I received didn't make my people get lost
or suddenly didn't make it move, but if I had a fracture.
 with a coronal tooth was broken and the enamel came out, the dentine came out good as for fractures, there are two situations that you have to take into account if the fracture is complicated, i.e., has
affected the nerve of your tooth, we will have to do a treatment of
ducts the handling that you can give home is first that everything takes analgesics some analgesic that is not restricted for your use can be a common analgesic and attend your consultation where we will do an endodontic treatment we will remove the endodontic.
The nerve of the tooth, and from there already, after having released the sensitivity, we will make a reconstruction. The reconstruction can be of different forms. One of them can be with resin if the
fracture is not very large, but there may come cases in which it is required to make a root canal treatment a nucleus, and a core crowns those porcelain crowns that will easily replace dental aesthetics.
What happens if the fracture is not so great, doctor what happens if you really
I'm just sporting a board, and there are thousands of treatments that can be handled. One of them is simply to soften fracture lines and keep the tooth at a distance
coronal that remained another one of them is to add resin and to make
an aesthetic resin today is also handled by lenses
and these contact lenses that we have in our clinic for teeth make a perfectly unique.
Natural tooth, as you see, friends, many problems can arise in terms of this type of accident, and we see the direct blows that can be presented to the teeth.
Athletes, one of the ways we can avoid this type of accident, or dental injury is to use a protective plate that can also be designed by your car.
logo for the sport that you practice we take some impressions in alginate we empty them in plaster, and to the measurement of you it is
will make a plate that will act as a protector so any blow you suffer will be absorbed by the forces of this plaque, and you won't have to suffer the consequences on your teeth
and some other people consult good and if the dental emergency is not because of trauma is not because of a blow, but it is
a dental emergency that occurs simply because of pain called toothache is widespread to happen, and if you notice it many times, it shows up more during the night when the body is at rest when we are
resting present these pains that do not allow you to sleep inflamed face is a rather uncomfortable situation
that we do without problems by caries if caries has been so great and that it has damaged your wealthy molar and has made an opening of the enamel has invaded your identity and has touched the nerve of the tooth it is imminent that you attend your dentist's office your trusted anthologist will do is enter to possibly solve the pain removing the nerve from the tooth you will need with the endodontist is that professional specialized in the work of nerve
that is to say, it will remove it, and now totally, this dental canal
so you'll never have pain, and after that will come reconstruction, but if your question is me, what do I do while I'm taking the dentist? What do I do if it's really causing me pain? first, the consumption of analgesics is essential second, if you have the facility to have lukewarm water and make a small wash and remove the residues of
food that is being left in this opening that has generated the cavities is going to facilitate you a lot now that we're going to to do just attend your a trusted dental office, and
that he can solve the problem definitively. Based on exams such as x-rays.
If you need a dental office in your locality, here you can find it.