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Do I always have to wear a retainer after an appliance?

Retention is the last and one of the most critical phases of orthodontics.

Do I always have to wear a retainer after an appliance

In recent years, orthodontics has advanced enormously, innovating and creating more discreet and effective appliances to correct irregularities of the teeth. So much so that treatments such as invisible orthodontics have appeared that have revolutionized the way of wearing braces.

Each patient receives a diagnosis according to their mouth, so the time and type of orthodontics to correct teeth are particular and individualized in each case.

Retainers are appliances (fixed and movable) placed by the orthodontist at the end of treatment. These are to keep the teeth as they were after orthodontic treatment.

Retention is the last phase (and one of the most important) of orthodontics. It is responsible for maintaining the results achieved with treatment over time. For example, teeth always tend to return to their initial position, so not using retainers will cause them to gradually return to where they were before treatment began.

Retainers should also be worn for life. As we mentioned earlier, teeth are always in the entire movement, so it is vitally important to wear a retainer to keep your smile precisely the same as it was after orthodontic treatment is completed.

Not using this appliance after orthodontic treatment will cause the teeth to be free to move freely, resulting in relapse. This means that they can become crooked, drive and return to misaligned positions so that the entire orthodontic treatment can be lost. In conclusion, the retainer is part of the orthodontic treatment. It does not end when the professional removes the appliance but becomes something much more discreet and straightforward that maintains the alignment of our teeth.