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Toothpaste, one for all?

All toothpaste is used for brushing teeth, but not all are the same.

Toothpaste, one for all

Toothpaste is an ideal complement to our toothbrushing. This toothpaste is recommended to have a high fluoride content, which has proven to be fundamental to effectively combat caries. Together with proper brushing, it helps us eliminate the bacterial plaque that accumulates after each meal. 

Currently, the market offers a wide range of toothpaste and mouthwash in pharmacies, department stores, and stores. However, due to the multitude of flavors and colors, it is sometimes difficult to find the right one for every need.

All toothpaste is used for brushing teeth, but not all are the same. Depending on the state of health of your mouth, some toothpaste will be more beneficial than others:

For those with a healthy mouth, regular toothpaste with fluoride will be enough to keep the mouth clean and strengthen the enamel. People suffering from gingivitis (bleeding gums) need an antiseptic reinforcement such as triclosan, and those suffering from periodontitis should use toothpaste with chlorhexidine. For mouths with tooth sensitivity (those that feel pain or prickling when biting into something cold or hot), toothpaste helps remineralize and strengthen the enamel to reduce the discomfort accompanying this pathology.

In addition to this variability of components in toothpaste, there is toothpaste specialized in whitening teeth and toothpaste for children (in which the concentration of fluoride is lower).

People who wear orthodontics should use specialized toothpaste for this purpose. It usually contains antibacterial components such as chlorhexidine, active ingredients to reduce inflammation, vitamins, and fluoride.

Conclusion: toothpaste is part of our dental hygiene; it protects dental tissues and enamel. As we already know, several types of toothpaste are prepared for each patient's oral health. Therefore, before choosing our toothpaste, we should know in which state our mouth is to know which is more beneficial for our health.