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Self-esteem and dental esthetics

Self-esteem is our perceptions, feelings, judgments, and thoughts toward ourselves. Personal image is one of the factors that most influence our self-esteem. Teeth and smiles are a fundamental part of that image, which is why self-esteem and dental esthetics are closely related.

Self-esteem and dental esthetics

How are self-esteem and dental esthetics related?

Surely you know someone who covers his or her mouth to smile and even avoids doing so because he or she is insecure about his or her appearance. The causes can be various: missing teeth, dark or stained teeth, broken or misaligned teeth, etc. These people do not perceive themselves positively and have low self-esteem, which can limit their social relationships.

In many cases, cosmetic dentistry is the key to solving those problems that limit you from showing off your smile and interacting positively with others. A healthy and harmonious smile can restore your self-confidence and help you improve your self-image.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry, also known as aesthetic dentistry, is a dental service that improves and restores the overall appearance of your mouth. Treatments focus on improving aspects such as alignment, color, position, size, and shape of the teeth. These treatments are personalized and are planned in detail to enhance the smile while maintaining the naturalness and harmony of the face.

Main dental esthetic treatments

Several techniques are used in dental esthetics, each aimed at solving different problems, and all are adaptable to your needs. The following is a brief explanation of the most common treatments.

Tooth whitening   

This treatment consists of lightening the color of your teeth, leaving them whiter and brighter. It is a treatment that must be performed in a dental clinic supervised by a specialist. Under these conditions, it is safe and does not affect the enamel of our teeth.

The whitening is done simply, combining the effect of a whitening agent with a LED light. Our clinic has one of the best whitening systems on the market: Philips Zoom Whitespeed, which allows lightening up to 8 tones in a single session.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are small sheets of porcelain or composite placed on the outside teeth to solve aesthetic problems. With this treatment, it is possible to correct separated teeth, crooked, broken stains, or differences in size between teeth.


This is a periodontal surgery technique that helps reduce the amount of excessive gum (gummy smile). This simple and minimally invasive process can achieve harmonious and proportionate gums.

Dental reconstructions

Thanks to dental reconstructions, we can solve functional aspects such as fractures or cavities. In addition, we also correct aesthetic problems such as dental separation or deformation. Aesthetic composites are used to achieve impeccable results.


It is one of the most demanded treatments in dental aesthetics. The aim of orthodontics is to correct problems in the position and alignment of the teeth to achieve a perfect smile. There are different types of orthodontics: braces, removable appliances, or invisible orthodontics. The latter is one of the most requested treatments because it is barely noticeable, very comfortable, and effective.


When a dental implant is placed or a damaged tooth is recovered, crowns are installed to give them functionality and restore the smile's aesthetics. The quality of the materials used for their manufacture, the shade chosen, and their shape will be essential for them to integrate with the rest of the patient's natural teeth and go unnoticed in the whole of your smile.

If you have any problem that does not allow you to smile big, without complexes, without doubts, consult a specialist in dental aesthetics near you. Sometimes the solution is simpler and faster than you think.

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