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Warning of the severe health risks posed by the new trend of Turkey Teeth 

Turkey Teeth

Turkey Teeth is a neologism that refers to the trend of traveling to Turkey for dental treatments at a meager price and looking for a goal: to come back with perfect teeth, even if, in many cases, they are artificial.

The obsession with showing off extremely white and aligned teeth is spreading more and more among social media users. On TikTok, the hashtag #TurkeyTeeth has been created, which has reached 215 million views and is being warned about by dentists in the United Kingdom because of the risks involved.

Turkey Teeth is a neologism that refers to the trend of traveling to Turkey for dental treatments at a meager price and seeking a goal: to return with a perfect set of teeth even though, on many occasions, these are artificial. Several English influencers have already undergone these treatments and have uploaded images of the whole procedure to their social networks. But the truth is that hundreds of people who have traveled to Turkey to beautify their smiles have suffered severe complications and damage to their mouths.

The BBC revealed that of the 1,000 dentists consulted, 597 had had to treat patients with severe problems after returning from Turkey, such as infections, abscesses, and chewing difficulties. In addition, many of them had been cheated.

It insists that treatments must be carried out by a qualified dentist and in a clinic that meets all health and legal requirements. It also asks citizens to be cautious and not be fooled by advertising messages that promise dental treatments at ridiculous prices, as they can lead to severe problems for their health, as is happening in the United Kingdom. Before undergoing any intervention, the dentist must make a diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan, explaining in detail and following up to ensure everything is progressing correctly. In addition, if any setback arises due to financing or malpractice, they will have to initiate legal proceedings in a foreign country, where the health, insurance, and civil liability regulations differ.

The Turkey Teeth trend poses a serious risk to the health of the population, especially to young people, who are the ones who follow social networks the most. We see many people affected in the UK, and we hope this practice does not spread. A poorly performed treatment can cause damage to the dental nerve, pain, infection, abscesses, pulpitis, and even tooth loss. In recent years, oral health has been considered just another consumer good, making the population believe that it is merely an aesthetic issue when it is not. A healthy mouth is essential to enjoy good general health and optimal quality of life.