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The stress generated by the pandemic triggers cases of bruxism, caries, and periodontitis.

Alert on the increase of cases of bruxism, caries, and gingivitis.

The stress generated by the pandemic triggers cases of bruxism, caries, and periodontitis

Alert of the increase in cases of bruxism, caries, and gingivitis caused by the situation that citizens are living after the appearance of COVID-19. One of the main situations that cause these diseases is stress, but there are also many cases of dental deterioration due to postponing visits to the dentist.

There have been more cases of patients with more accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar, which can lead to gingivitis and even evolve into periodontitis. In addition, caries that are not treated in time become more complicated and may require endodontic treatment. If it evolves to more, bone loss can occur.

The loss of bone and mobility of the teeth alters the way of biting since the tooth connects worse and the piece can be lost. At the same time, if there is periodontitis, the risk of diabetes, heart attacks, and premature births increases, since they are bacteria that affect the whole body.

Bruxism and emotional stress

One of the pandemic evils is anxiety. Increased emotional tension often leads to unconscious and involuntary clenching of the jaws and even grinding of the teeth. This stress is associated with immune and gum disorders and causes bad habits, such as smoking and snacking. Another of the consequences is the pathology known in medicine as bruxism, which causes wear and fractures in the dental pieces.

This problem has been on the rise in dental clinics and causes other problems in the body, such as headaches and back pain. The solution is to apply an unloading plate, which helps both to relax the teeth and the muscles that act on them.

To prevent these diseases, it is advisable to maintain good oral health by brushing, flossing, and interdental brushing, and if you are aware that you are clenching your teeth a lot, go to the dentist to make a quick diagnosis and prevent it from getting worse.

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