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The removable prosthesis becomes obsolete

 Increasing use of fixed prostheses or prostheses on osseointegrated implants.

The removable prosthesis becomes obsolete

The population that needs some type of dental prosthesis is high. 

Studies indicate that in the 35-44 age group, 33% require prostheses in the upper and lower jaw. Despite these data, the number of prosthesis wearers (fixed or removable) is decreasing with small but constant differences over the years.
As for the type of prosthesis, the most commonly used is the implant prosthesis, especially the fixed prosthesis.
The study indicates that removable prostheses are losing presence in favor of other fixed prostheses or those on osseointegrated implants. According to them, this is due to less tooth loss, fewer edentulous sections, the generational effect of a population with more health education and greater access to health care resources, and advances in dentistry that offer solutions closer to natural teeth than removable prostheses.