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Internet sales of dental treatments and medicines

 Warning the dangers of Internet sales of dental treatments and medications without professional supervision.

Internet sales of dental treatments and medicines

We would like to warn of the danger for the citizen of acquiring, through the Internet, dental treatments or medications without the due control and supervision of a professional.

In recent years, there has been an expansion of the Internet as a means of buying and selling all kinds of health products and medicines without any professional control, with serious breaches of the regulations on guarantees and rational use of drugs and health products, intensified with the growth of social networks and the emergence of the so-called influencers.
Such marketing does not comply with the minimum guarantees required to make them available to consumers. Moreover, in many cases, the products have not been subjected to quality control and are, therefore, unsuitable for marketing.


Orthodontic treatments in which the consumer is asked to fit the aligners himself without any instruction from a dentist; medical instruments that are dispensed to the patient without any instruction, resulting in very dangerous; highly corrosive whitening products that are placed in the hands of anyone with access to a digital purchasing platform; medicines and drugs that are dispensed from countries with very lax sanitary controls, are some examples that have been denounced by dentists and pharmacists.
This does not mean that there are no treatments destined to be applied outside the dental office and by the patient himself. Still, they will always be subscribed under a professional control review to identify analogous situations and ensure the expected successful results.