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10 tips to take care of your mouth at Christmas and with pand

 Practical tips to take care of your mouth health also at Christmas and in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. 

10 tips to take care of your mouth at Christmas and with pand

At Christmas it is almost inevitable to do some things in excess such as eating, drinking, smoking, shopping and, conversely, due to the change in our habits of life during these days, it is also common for us to have the tendency to forget some of the good habits, such as brushing after each meal, which can end up neglecting our teeth and gums that have cost us so much effort to maintain throughout the year.
This change in our habits can bring us not only the feared weight gain but also health problems (hypertension, hypercholesterolemia ) as well as worsening oral health.

From Dental-Office.org we want to remember some basic tips to enjoy the holidays without problems, and also some suggestions that can help maintain good oral and general health during this time and in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

    CONTROL WHAT YOU EAT: We are not going to tell you to diet during this time of year. It would be absurd and almost impossible to comply with. But we do have to control what and how much we eat, especially about the typical Christmas sweets, as this is the first of the excesses. Try not to eat them every day and avoid snacking between meals; it has been proven that sugars (along with poor oral hygiene) are related to the appearance of cavities.

    BRUSH YOUR TEETH AT LEAST BEFORE YOU GO to bed: During this time we eat a lot of meals outside of the house and we can not perform our oral hygiene as we are used to. Even if you eat or eat out, there is no excuse to stop brushing. Remember that there are travel brushes, smaller, folding that you can carry in your pocket or bag. This will eliminate food residues and avoid the formation of bacterial plaque, thus preventing the problems of gum inflammation. If you still haven't been able to do it, don't let staying up late be an excuse.

    TAKE CARE OF YOUR SENSITIVITY: If you already have dental sensitivity when eating, drinking, or brushing, don't forget that a great number of drinks are acidic and are not usually identified as such, so they will act to make our problem worse: wine (more white than red), beer, cola, energy drinks, infusions (especially of red fruits) or fruit juices (especially citrus). And even more so if you combine them with each other and they are cold and sugary! A specific treatment recommended by your dentist and the control of these acids will help you relieve it.

    DO NOT LET YOUR TEETH STAIN: To avoid darkening your teeth, do not drink red wine or coffee in excess. The same will happen if you abuse dark chocolate, and even more if you are a smoker!

    BE CAREFUL WITH BITTING VERY HARD FOOD WITH YOUR FRONT TEETH, such as nougat or seafood, especially if you have composite restorations or veneers, as they could fracture or come off.

    BAD BREATH CAN BE PREVENTED: To do this, in addition to maintaining good dental hygiene (brushing and cleaning between teeth), you can not forget to brush your tongue every day. A fresh breath is part of your appearance to others and it is important to avoid it to be impeccable on this holiday.

    DO NOT LET THE FESTIVALS BE BROKEN that cavity you had pending to fill or the wisdom tooth that from time to time gives you problems. You still have time to go to your dentist and solve this problem

    GIVE YOU HEALTH! If you can't avoid last-minute shopping, at least make it a useful gift...A good idea would be an electric toothbrush. Check with your dentist or hygienist for the best model.

    YOU CAN QUIT SMOKING. With the start of the new year comes good resolutions, too. What if you try to quit smoking? There are many ways to try. It's not just your health: your mouth and pocketbook will thank you, too.

    TAKE BASIC SAFETY MEASURES FOR THE CORONAVIRUS. Because we are still in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, other basic safety measures must be followed. Among them, three essential tips:

    Toothbrushes and other oral hygiene tools should not be shared, even mouthwashes (even if the dispensers are used) 
    Avoid putting the brushes of different family members in the same glass
    Move toothbrushes away from the toilet

And, in general, we advise you to always wear a smile, even with your mask on! Don't forget that smiling extends your life, is 'contagious', and makes everyone around you happier.

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