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Grillz can affect the health of your gums

 The Grillz are here to stay

Grillz can affect the health of your gums

Although it may seem like a novelty or a new eccentricity, it is not. They were made fashionable in the '80s by hip-hop icons and rappers, as an expression of economic status. These front covers were made in dental clinics with noble metals (gold and platinum) and even diamonds. Therefore, in 2006, the communication division of the American Dental Association presented a report for dental patients in which it explained that, although there were no studies that claimed that these covers were harmful to oral health, there were no studies that claimed otherwise either. As with all fashions, it came to disappear, and the taste for decorating teeth with these metals, in some cases permanently (requiring permanent carving) and in others temporarily (i.e., removable), had not been in fashion for years; until suddenly this type of veneer reappears. This has caused many teenagers to want to emulate their idols, and for them, the best way to do this is to buy the sleeves directly from the Internet and put them on themselves.
In fact, there are videos on Youtube explaining how to adapt them to your teeth, which is really nonsense. It is important to know that, in these cases, the veneers have not been designed by a dentist nor do they fit perfectly for each user. Thus, it is common for food to accumulate in the gaps between the veneers and the teeth, which is perfect for bacteria to nest and for infections to arise. In addition, the covers probably prevent the mouth from closing properly and cause functional overload on the teeth and even contact or friction around the gum, which can inflame them, cause ulcerations, etc. Since they are usually removable, the wearer of these devices should limit the time they are in place to avoid problems and remove them to eat, clean them daily to remove the plaque that accumulates, and of course, not use specific jewelry cleaners, which can be dangerous if swallowed. From Dental-Office.org we have positioned ourselves to discourage following these fashions that endanger oral health and that do not have scientific safety guarantees. The best dental aesthetics are achieved by adopting good hygiene habits and the optimal health of teeth and gums.

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