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Postponing dental treatments

 Interruption of treatment by Covid-19 in dental offices.

Postponing dental treatments

In recent months, many dental patients worldwide have had their treatments abruptly interrupted due to the covid-19 pandemic. Oral health professionals have implemented new protocols and recommendations for postponing non-urgent treatment, causing significant delays in dental treatment. 

To effectively guide the dental industry during the Covid-19 crisis, a series of evidence-based recommendations have been developed, including a safety protocol for dental clinics that should be applied in dental care to patients before, during, and after they arrive at the office.

    By not visiting the dentist, many people can put their general health and even their lives at risk since poor oral health is associated with diabetes, cardiovascular problems, dementia, and other serious diseases.

The measures have been proposed and adopted worldwide by national and international dental organizations, and both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) report that no cases of Covid-19 transmission have been detected in dental clinics.

Oral health is an essential component of our general health and well-being, and we all need to take care of our teeth and gums for a better quality of life. The overall number of dental professionals who have become infected with Covid-19 is significantly lower than the general population, even in the early phase of the pandemic. This reinforces the concept that control of cross-transmission of infections is paramount.
The dental industry is well prepared to prevent any risk of contagion related to the pandemic, as the profession is taking effective measures to keep patients and professionals safe. It is important to remember that neglecting oral health, even for a limited period of time, has consequences and may hurt the overall health of patients because oral and periodontal diseases are associated with serious chronic diseases. Scientific evidence shows that poor oral health can be associated with diabetes, cardiovascular problems, dementia, and other serious chronic diseases.
Both dentists and periodontists have always been required to follow effective protective protocols to prevent the risk of infection for their patients.

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