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Economic Dentures

Complete and partial dentures at the best price and quality, guaranteed.

Dentures are removable devices created as they look natural and work as your own real teeth, they allow you to smile, chew, and speak with confidence. Young and old can benefit from dentures that replace missing teeth and support the structure of the jaw and allow you to enjoy daily activities. All the clinics here have a special discount for users, you must find your nearest clinic and contact Dental Office near me.

Economic Dentures

I assume you have already found your local dentist, he will help you determine what kind of dentures are best for you based on examinations, x-rays, and impressions. In addition, your dentist will evaluate the number and condition of your remaining teeth, bone loss, gum condition, and lifestyle before making any recommendations about the best dentures available for you.

 There are different types of dentures

 Complete Dentures: A conventional complete denture replaces missing or extracted teeth, which fits the upper and/or lower jaw. These dentures have the appearance and functionality of any natural tooth and require routine cleaning to maintain their appearance.
 Immediate Full Dentures: Commonly known as same-day dentures. These dentures are made in a series of visits before they are delivered and fitted. Immediate dentures are placed the same day the remaining teeth are removed, so no time period passes between sets of dentures.
    Partial Dentures: Removable partial dentures are made of false teeth of porcelain and acrylic, which are attached to a plastic base that simulates the pink color of the gums. Partial dentures replace the space where only a few teeth were lost, while full dentures replace an entire set of teeth.
    Dental implant dentures: These dentures attach to implants, holding the denture firmly in place. These implants have the appearance and functionality of natural teeth.
    Removable Overdentures: The removable overdenture is attached to conventional dental implants, mini-implants, or a band connected to conventional implants. These dentures must be removed after meals, at night, and in the morning for cleaning.
    Non-removable fixed prostheses: Fixed prostheses are left in the mouth at all times. They are cared for like natural teeth, brushed, and flossed daily. Although these dentures are permanent, they can be removed by a dentist if necessary without damaging the implant.

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