1. 10 reasons not to use them
  2. infection
  3. Piercings tongue

Piercings tongue

Fashion and aesthetics cannot compromise your health.

Piercings tongue

Body piercings are a popular form of personal expression. They may look attractive but pierce their tongues,
lips, or cheeks, which can interfere with speech, chewing, or swallowing. In addition, it carries severe risks to oral health and general health

10 reasons not to use them.

  1.  Pain, bleeding, edema
  2.  Infection
  3.  Gingival retraction
  4.  Gingivitis periodontitis
  5.  Dental fracture
  6.  Tears
  7.  Bad Breath
  8.  Excessive salivation 
  9.  Ingestion of the piercing
  10.  Speech disturbance and chewing
Oral piercings are not recommended because they are unnatural and carry critical risks. You can visit damage your oral health, teeth, gums, and mucous membranes. Also, they interfere with chewing, with speech. Quite often, they cause infections and bleeding. Some critical nerve injuries have been described when it's time to put them in. Think about it!.

If you're wearing an oral piercing.

Watch for signs of infection and contact your dentist if you have any doubts.
Keep the area clean and use fluoride mouthwash after meals.
Be careful with your movements, from piercing to eating and talking.
Brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist regularly to check your piercing.
When you play sports
Take off your piercing and use a mouthguard.