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Information on COVID-19 for all dental clinics

DentalOffice.org clinics on guard against coronavirus.

Information on COVID-19 for all dental clinics
Knowing that the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus is a public health situation of general interest, from DentalOffice.org we will share some relevant information for everything in general.
We all know the current health situation due to the COVID-19 epidemic.
This fact is causing a logical concern to all patients, for this reason, we want to share information that will be useful and relax the spirits.
  1.  The dentist is a health professional, he is taking all the measures recommended by the World Health Organization.
  2.  The dentist is recommended to use protective glasses and mask for the barrier effect. They are very useful to avoid contagion in the bilateral sense from the professional to the patient.
  3.  Be assured that your dentist is complying as always with all recommendations regarding hygiene, disinfection and sterilization measures.
  4.  Understand that the coronavirus is only transmitted through the respiratory tract as well as through contact with surfaces contaminated by the virus. It is not transmitted by blood or any other known route.
  5.  In addition to the use of masks in the clinic, thorough disinfection is carried out after each patient, following the usual rules.

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