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Restorative treatment

Restorative dentistry.

Restorative treatment

Dental office restorative treatment

In restorative treatment, as in the entire field of dentistry, thanks to the new materials available, we can achieve results until recently unthinkable in a dental office. Anatomical knowledge of the teeth and their characteristics is crucial to achieving an excellent anterior restoration. To acquire the ability to perform correct anatomy is necessary to observe the teeth and practice their reproduction with various materials such as wax, for example, because the wax mold is still the fastest system to identify anatomical details, reproduce them, and check the validity and correct it by light retouching. The first objective to be achieved is the shape of each restoration in terms of dimensions, function, and harmony. Once the technical skills have been acquired, it is essential to know the materials and their characteristics, as excellence comes from a combination of technique and material. The most important thing for the dentist is to make a correct diagnosis. To do so, he or she must first carry out a detailed radiological examination (bitewings or radiological state) and use magnification systems. Workingntial to work in a healthy periodontium is essential: the patient must be instructed on oral hygiene methods and have carried out a simple cleaning or a non-surgical periodontal preparation. Another important element to making optimal aesthetic restorations is to photograph each case since analyzing the images allows us to study each detail, enabling us to improve our results. This article describes the essential steps to correctly perform small restorations in the front sectors, using only HRi Micerium enamel. Of course, if the dimensions of the reconstruction were of a specific size, we would have to use the dentine masses. Everything is more straightforward thanks to HRi enamel, the first and only material with the same refractive index as natural enamel.